Wilhelm Von Laufen

Necromancer, son of the Baron


Wilhelm is presumably the W of the letter sent to Rohadur. This has been practically confirmed by Falston.

Wilhelm witnessed his mother and sister die at the hand of bandits. His elder brother Ulric caused the bandit leader to lose an eye in the fray. Since that day, Wilhelm refused to lift a sword.

His father allowed him to study magic under the wizard Falston. Local lore says that Falston corrupted the boy, teaching him necrotic magics. Falston says he taught the boy only what he should have, and that Wilhelm was too clever, and learned necromancy on his own.

He was sent to Iriaebor for excecution after trying to resurrect his mother and sister, but managing only to bring back husks.

His father Baron Dietrich Von Laufen lives, as does his remaining sister, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Wilhelm Von Laufen

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