Louise Belle-Letrush


Louise Belle-Letrush is a slightly attractive woman with dark, medium length hair and a pronounced nose. She is typically seen in very fine clothing, oft-times a full ball-gown, and wearing heavy makeup.

She speaks calmly and politely, but does not shy away from hard truths. When doing business, she usually gets straight to the point.


We captured Louise after she came to us claiming to have kidnapped Mialee. Zenki and Faenn both threatened her, while Nym befriended her in a small way, promising to let no harm befall her.

Brinley knew Louise from previous entanglement with the Blackwoods and Zhentarim.

Brinley wished to kill both Louise and her lover, Molly, leader of the Zhentarim. Nym persuaded him not to, choosing to remove Mialee to safety instead. The promise made to Louise fascilitated the group leaving the Zhentarim compound.

Her brother, Francois, died in the dragon attack at the Zhentarim compound.

Louise helped the King escape at the Tourney of Iriaebor and has since become a trusted advisor. She informed us of the location of the wizard Falston, and let us know his divination magic could help us on our journey to find Wilhelm

Louise Belle-Letrush

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