Baron Dietrich Von Laufen


Baron Dietrich von Laufen, current ruler of the barony of Drestvallen. The Baron has much more power and responsibility than his counterparts of the same rank, as he is entrusted to guard the most crucial route into the Kingdom.

Though his family has always been nobility, their place in Drestvallen isn’t even a generation old. Dietrich is the first of his family to be Baron of Drestvallen, having won the title as a freelance knight in service to the king. One wouldn’t know it just by looking, however, as he maintains a regal presence as if his family had ruled for generations.

Though he is stern and unforgiving, his harsh style of governance has kept the people of Drestvallen and his surrounding lands relatively safe. Now that his liege lord has declared his intention to end banditry and lawlessness in his lands, Baron Dietrich is redoubling his efforts to comply, spending a great deal more personal funds and contributing more men to the cause than any other.

Because of his harsh and unforgiving style of governance, many commoners have mixed opinions of him. Some support him because he does not tolerate thieves, bandits, rapists, and murderers and that there was a marked decrease in crime after he took power. Other feel he is too harsh and distant, that he doesn’t mingle with his subjects and it overly fond of his status as nobility.

He ousted the previous ruler, Rudolph of the house Drest, from his position following the Three Fronts War. You do not know what led to this, but you know Dietrich had the blessing of the King. It is rumored that the entire Drest family, children and all, were killed by Dietrich in a particularly brutal fashion. Gilden Gray claims that this crime was committed by one of Dietrich’s captains, who was executed by the Baron for it.

He lost his wife, and youngest daughter when bandits ambushed them years ago. They ransomed his eldest son and heir, Ulric, and his youngest son, Wilhelm, back to him for a very hefty sum. The leader of these bandits only has one eye after Ulric sliced one before he was rendered unconscious.

The Baron’s youngest son, Wilhelm, was a very intelligent but troubled lad. After witnessing the violation and murdering of his sister and mother he refused to train and would barely speak. After his talent with magic was discovered, his father hired an old wizard by the name of Falston to tutor him. He excelled in his training, but when he got older, it was discovered that Faltson had taught him necromancy, which he used to return his sister and mother from the grave, unsuccessfully. He was summoned to Iriaebor to face justice and was rumored to have been executed there. The Baron called for the Wizard’s head as well, but he used his magic to flee justice.

Baron Dietrich Von Laufen

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