The campaign of death, despair, and the occasional goblin

Planning in Easting
S02 E07 To fight a Vampire
Trust and Betrayal
Arguing, a rabbit and Frieda

We planned to rest for the night and attack the vampire in the morning under a subterfuge.

Nym investigates their 3rd apprentice, who is the couple’s daughter, Raella. She is proficient in magic herself, and can cast a firespell and invisibility at the least. She is pacified by Nym’s turning into a rabbit. Nym is overcome with emotion on discovering that the girl is a tiefling. She ends up locked in the girls room for the rest of the night.

Dragos re-arms the mage, who goes on to cast sleep on Zandak, after Zandak attacks him. Upon waking, Zandak, Jillian and Arturia argue over whether to trust Alvakrond.

After much tension, Frieda sneaks away and calls for aid. We are descended upon by undead and vampire spawn. Aided by Karkantha’drazahn, summoned eagles and so forth, we escape by air towards the south-east, as Frieda attacks both her brother, her niece, and the dragon upon which they ride. Alvakrond is also with us.

Travelling to Irieabor

Wilhelm informs us of all sorts of facts about what is going on, including about The Five Seals, which includes The Ring of Life and Death and The Sceptre of the Planeswalker which is related to Void. He tells us also about Alvakrond Ordovos.

We took a ride on Karkantha’drazahn to Irieabor, snuck into the tower there and met and fought with Alvakrond Ordovos. Upon knocking out and threatening his husband Fritz, Jillian convinces Alvakrond to stand down. We make plans for how to retrieve the Sceptre.

Double Dragon
Episode 4

The black dragon revealed itself in the form of Lyra. He said he had met her and she “had been taken care of” and that the ring was safe.

He told us lots of new information, including that someone is trying to raise Karkantha’tharum from the dead. He took us to where Wilhelm was being kept and we all escaped northward.

Upon landing there out of reach of zombie hordes, Saryal’Yathuk arrived demanding tribute. He let all of us, including Karkantha’Drazahn live on the oath that we would bring him Karkantha’Tharum’s horde. This promise must be fulfilled within 10 years.

Finally safe, we settled down to rest. At third watch, Markus reappeared, his eyes purple once more.

Across the River
S2 E03

The party ended last session with Dragos nose to nose with a hidden Karkantha’drazahn.

Meeting with the King
S2 E02
A Gathering
S1 E01

We meet Jillian, Zandak, and Arturia. Nym and Rohadur reform the party anew. We meet with Garon.

Season Finale Timeskip


  • Rescues Timmy
  • Paints
    • Lyra selling a soul to Myrkul
    • Sarryah
    • Agatha grown up, subduing a blue dragon
    • Brinley, unfinished multiple times over
  • Helps rebuild the orphanage, look after the orphans
  • Carve a magic ring for Rohadur
  • Enchant wooden scale armour for herself
  • Carve small stone figurines that are now in her staff


  • Does Dragos stuff
Parting Ways
S1 E21

Rohadur is made a Baron and a Knight, Nym leaves the group to help Easting, Brinley presses forward and Vatriss decides he cannot help him

Feeding Myrkul
S1 E20

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